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The new MD General Assembly must step up.

The future of the Purple Line is in question as the newly elected MD General Assembly begins the 2015 legislative session in Annapolis on Wednesday Jan. 14. As the Washington Post has reported, the return of two party rule to Maryland brings great uncertainty about Gov. Elect Hogan's agenda. Gov. Elect Hogan is on the record as wanting to shift state transportation priorities away from transit and toward more roads. Hogan is quoted by Robert McCartney: "The priorities are out of whack. Less than 10 percent of the people use mass transit."

While Gov. Elect Hogan holds much power to kill the Purple Line, he cannot ignore the clear priorities of the legislature if he wants to move MD forward. It is critical to the future of the Purple Line that our legislators show a clear transportation priority. If our elected representatives to the General Assembly show a weak, divided Purple Line front at this key time, then Gov. Elect Hogan will feel more free to kill the Purple Line and replace it with his roads agenda - see Hogan taps 'highway builder' as Transportation Secretary.

Please contact your elected representatives and urge them to hold firm for the Purple Line. You can find contact information HERE. You can use these points about why the time is NOW for the Purple Line:

  • No other public transit project stands ready NOW, already approved to accept federal money and to begin construction. No other project has millions of dollars in private funding ready now from a Public-Private Partnership agreement. This will all be lost if the project is stopped now, and will NOT be available for other transportation uses.
  • State Transportation Trust Fund money will NOT be diverted to other important public transit projects like the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) or Mont. Co. Rapid Transit System (RTS) because those projects are still years from being ready to begin construction.
  • We should move forward with the Purple Line to clear the way for other transit projects that are planned to follow. Other projects, such as the Mont. Co. RTS network, are being designed under the assumption that the Purple Line will be in place. If the Purple Line is not done, these other transit projects will be weakened because they will be missing one of their most important foundation pieces in the planned transit network.
  • The Purple Line stands most ready of all MD transportation projects to deliver significant Economic Benefits to move Maryland forward.
  • If the General Assembly shows a weak, divided front with confused transit priorities now, then Hogan will be more inclined to ignore the Assembly on all public transportation projects and will enact his own road oriented transportation agenda. All future transit projects will suffer.

Please tell your friends that now is the time to contact their elected representatives to save the Purple Line. Forward this message to them. Please cc' to us at contact@purplelinenow.com emails that you send your representatives.

Thank you for your support for the Purple Line at this critical time!

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