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Gov. Elect Hogan may block the Line,
Let him know what you think!

We have been working with business leaders and elected officials have been reaching out to the transition team, but the message isn't yet getting through. Those favoring just roads and project opponents are said to be out emailing us 100:1. The Gov. Elect told Robert McCartney "[t]he priorities are out of whack. Less than 10 percent of the people use mass transit. Most people in the state want the roads to be fixed." We need to let the transition team know that the people of Maryland want the Purple Line.

The Gov. Elect Hogan said this Wednesday he's still undecided but his decision is likely to come within the next month or so. Please write to the transition team and tell your friends and family to do the same. We must be polite, persuasive, but resolute in our support for the line.

Write an email directly to info@hogantransition.com . Craft your own message, we've provided some sample text below to help you get started. We have also listed other economic benefits HERE you can use to help craft your own message.

Sample Email:

Subject: Build Maryland's Economic Future by Building the Purple Line Now!

Dear Transition Team,

I'm a Marylander and I'm writing you in support of building the Purple Line now for the sake of our state's economic future and for my own family. Transit matters for commuters, but also in deciding where I shop, eat, and live. The Gov. Elect campaigned on a simple test "Will this law or action make it easier for families and small businesses to stay in Maryland and will it make more families and businesses want to come to Maryland?" The Purple Line passes this test with flying colors.

  • The Purple Line is a great investment and will support small businesses: Every $100 million spent on transit projects returns an average of $360 million in economic activity and 2,380 to 4,140 new jobs, all in a time of low interest rates.
  • The Purple Line will bring more families to Maryland: Montgomery County and Prince George's County are drawing more people to Maryland. Their population growth rates (4.7% and 3.1% growth respectively) are higher than both Maryland's and the United States as a whole.
  • The Purple Line is affordable: Federal funding and P3 financing means that Maryland is paying less than thirty percent of the cost up front ($726 million), some of that has already been spent and the rest will be split over the five years of construction.
  • The Purple Line leverages the University of Maryland. The Purple Line will connect the University of Maryland much more effectively to our nation's capital and the high-tech job centers of Montgomery and Prince George's County, helping making the University more attractive and supporting students that come from throughout the state.

For all these reasons, the Purple Line is a top transportation and economic priority for Montgomery County and Prince George's County and by people throughout the region. Transit is not a partisan issue, which is why Red and Blue Virginia came together to build the Silver Line and now are reaping the benefits in Tysons Corner.

Please respect local choices and act as a Governor for all of Maryland.

Thank you,

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Because Purple Line NOW! is a social welfare organization, and not a charitable organization, contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.

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